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Wow Wow Woww!!!

I just noticed this- Norolinde, you are my personal deity and inspiration. Truly, could I take you as Muse?? (A Muse{Calliope is the mun-name} taking a Muse- gah, there's an RPG in there somewhere)

At last, a home for the likes of me!! Being a very outside-of-the-box Beorning llama-woman, I really need such a home. In fact I may *still* be too far off any beaten path to sustain the character for long. First off, I don't even have a proper mespt name. Yet!
(though I noticed "Ancalime" and figure some version of "Calli" might fly.)

My entre' into mespt began because I'd been browsing mespt via queenberuthiel's mun's friends' listings, admiring the insanity I *thought* she too was just browsing. The mun is my good friend. Then I realized *she* was Bibi and it knocked me flat!
I saw that some mad 'child' phase, which was far too adorable to ignore, had gripped all sorts of characters. Saw Bibi-child alone...
Snatched my chance to suddenly appear as new llama companion, much to the amusement of faramirofgondor as well. By week's end, I became their chosen bridal chariot(as a two-seater llama!) down the aisle for their wedding (that Friday) and off to their honeymoon.

Been a couple adventures since, including when the slashpuppets started showing up, and it was around then that I realized the Beorning persona would let me expand into...more fertile personalities and situations. And in this guise, I was critical (cuz the others pooped out and I did a lot of behind-the-scenes work) in rescuing Farry out of Mirkwood in time for Issy's grandslam magical birthing!
Now, under icons also of Dana Delaney, I can be warrior woman in Mirkwood environs, hangin' with Ulv even, and also eventually a dominatrix/dancing chica for Issy's Secret, or other dance joints around Middle Earth(even Mandos it seems). These flavors suit my mun-ness, frankly.
(and incidentally, my actual journal is mostly mun-- like Ann_Larimer's)

Yup, some folks are reeling under this onslaught of shades. Even Ann_Larimer just *klonged* me!

Still developing stuff, but also being dragged away for awhile by OOC summer and job-seeking.

My gawd, such beau-ti-ful wraithchildren, now that I see them!! I am going mega-slow in absorbing the wider(non-Gondor-Rohan-centered) rings of mespt insanity. Still afraid to start reading heavily in the Shire... Need. A. Job!!

And lastly, still learning to RPG here... for instance, all my posts are still too long..
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