Naikele (norolinde) wrote in makeme_up,

I'm a good moderatorlady.

If you happen to be, or know, a new original character that isn't in this community for god's sake get out get out now while you still can fleeeeeeeeeeeeee!, comment here and I'll let you in. We get perks.

Okay, no, we don't, but communities are fun!
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Daddy says to ask you if you finded your eye yet?

Do you have shinies?
Um. Noooooot yet.

And I have no shinies. Shinies don't seem to like me very much. Sorry. :(
::waves back::

. . . Nah, I'm putting you in. Don't worry. ;)
*posts on behalf of Tifin Mouseapple, as her mun is on fairly sporadically.*
Molte grazie, sirma'am. (Just covering all the bases!) One Tifin, coming up!
I'm not sure if you've listed me. I'm Shlomo Baggins, attorney for Grubb & Burrowes. *offers hand*
Nice to meet you, Mister Baggins. ::shakes the offered hand:: And it would appear that you have already been put into the community, but thanks for checking up on it.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Norolinde.*shakes firmly* Alrighty. And thank you for doing such a great job.*lawyerly smile, but a nice one*
Hi, Mommy! If you don't know who I am, I'd be rather offended. I think, technically, that I'm made up...